Saturday, 18 July 2015


in the early spring of 2014 a representative approached me one fine afternoon, with a new product: Wild Geese whiskey... i gave him some of my precious time, he was young and dandyish and very soft spoken... he explained about the whiskey, the nose, the taste, the history and i was hooked for all the above reasons, but mainly because of the revolution around the spirit and the fact that it was irish and not mainstream. 

he brought me some samples in a rough canvas bag and the collaboration begun. 

whiskey and then rum masterclasses in the bar, proved to be successful and fruitful, where i met enthusiastic and creative people and i landed the position of brand ambassador for the rum. 

devising cocktails using the spirits beckoned and the vodka, gin, taste of london (a food and drink show), publications and an abundance of twitter awareness spread to promote the band and excite me with more diverse and fresh activities and avenues, such as providing tasting notes and describing what i was doing step by step, not disclosing too much of my own little secrets of mixing and creating.

photos by stav, dee, anka and casey. ©2014 

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