Saturday, 18 July 2015

Whiskies galore: Japanese, American and The Annual Whiskey show

like all industries, so is the bar one with ups, downs, perks and wonders, full of wonderful liquor. 
i am fortunate enough to stay connected, without sucking up, or compromising diplomatically and get invited and/ or included in gorgeous little happenings, full of diverse people and diverse spirits and drinks.  
last summer in june and july, i went along, taking anka, as my guest and avid whiskey taster to two wonderful tastings: for japanese whiskies at red bar bambou on rathbone place, in soho and for american whiskies at steam and rye bar in the city, while in october, we embarked on the wonderful and fiercely versatile and rich (pass me some water, before i fall apart), whiskey show, in the famous and amazing the whiskey exchange at vinopolis, near london bridge. 
needless to say, the talks were phenomenal, honest and passionate, full of stories about the climate, the method, the ingredients, the bottles, the places, the people and we were all listening in awe and admiration, while sipping away these serious delights, full of everything that a human with taste and substance would want in a drink, with no fuss, or embellishment, but equally wonderful, if mixed in a cocktail, too. the quest continues and i invite all of you, to create your own stories, while relishing the photos below. hibiki 12 yr old, hudson baby bourbon and jura prophecy definitely take my vote and satisfy my palette... cheers. 

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