Saturday, 18 July 2015

imbibe 2014 - 2015

imbibe is an industry show, happening every year in london's olympia... the first one i went to was at the design centre and that was in the late 90s and it is very interesting at least, to see it evolve the way it has, influenced by the times, the politics, the recessions, the austerity, the trends...

under one big and long roof, people from bars and restaurants and traders come together and present their products, services, network and attend seminars and tastings, have a neck massage, munch on some tailor made snacks and above all, try some amazing liquor, from here and abroad, wine and non alcoholic specimen as well, over a period of two days, from the morning till the afternoon. 

my personal visitations always include, not only checking out new products for the bar and/ or sip some exquisite spirits, but also, either connecting with new people, or see my bar buddies, i have known for some time and despite the changing of routes and the ultimate separation, we are happy to regroup and reunite. 

joy. and... liquor. highlights include gin from edinburgh, dark cherries and heering liqueur and a vintage blood and sand... till the next year. cheers. 

the photos below are from both imbibe back to back for comparison and reference. the show continues no matter what... 

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