Sunday, 19 July 2015

a plethora of events

one of the good things about having a permanent space, is that one can use all of its potential, for revenue and custom. 

and i do like a good party. 
within Bitters & RYE, stav B's liquor bar was always featuring from time to time, as a pop up for variety, with the menu, the seasons, the occasions and the periods.

below, you'll get an idea of what i was trying to achieve; a diverse menu, a good theme and the ever essential interaction with customers and staff, in outfits and behaviours; i'm all for mingling and camaraderie, from the heart, plain and simple, for love and for fun. and i love dressing up and decorating with a good and tailor made cocktail to follow. 

stav B's Liquor bar is

L' AMERICANA - december 2013
CASINO ROYALE - january 2014
LA NOTTE DI VALENTINO 1 - february 2014
LUXURY and DEGRADATION - february 2014
CHINA ROSE - may 2014
CLUB TROPICANA - july 2014
SATAN'S WHISKERS - november 2014
MIDWINTER BALL - december 2014
BALCK and GOLD - NYE 2014
LA NOTTE DI VALENTINO 2 - february 2015
EASTER SPRING - april 2015

outfits, blended cocktails, films, glitter, fire, balloons, cake, sweets, music and dance... 

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