Saturday, 18 July 2015

The Bacardi Event.

visits from brands can be rewarding, especially, when one is meeting kind and charismatic people, full of passion and ambition and believe me, there are very few far and between. 

i had the pleasure to meet the customer development executive for bacardi, who visited me in the bar and was fond of me from the start. 

various chats on collaborations, led me to an invitation:
an exclusive bacardi event, somewhere in bermondsey, where 153 years of making, were unravelled in under four hours right in front of us, from when the rum was unrecognisable and really basic, to the way it has evolved today, via war and prohibition, to making our own rums, have a little trip down memory lane and finally, having a shot of the brand new products, followed by cocktails, too in he basement, where else? 
i drank responsibly and mingled with folk who knew me and/ or just met me... i was a dandy with mysterious identity and they wanted to know... 
before home, i stumbled (not literally) in some old public toilets cum cocktail bar and had a last sip of delight, before hugging the security goodnight. yes, i was still standing. thank you tom for the invitation. it was a fine affair, properly filtered by me for the pure mccoy. it' only right. monday 8 march 2015. 8pm

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