Saturday, 31 December 2011

the dentist and the potato vodka

i am rounding up 2011, by adding the last event that a part of stav B's liquor bar took part, as a manager and bartender; myself, in costume and turning up with skill and enthusiasm and no boxes to carry! 

on sunday 18 december 2011, i managed and bartended my new encounter and most likely future collaborator, daniel endelstyn, aka, zorokovich vodka 1917.

family, war, east europe, memory and a lot of vodka... which we served in single and double shot glasses and a pickled gherkin to go with it... homemade from potatoes and premium in a long clear bottle with an excellent type and birds...

zorokovich vodka and stav B's liquor bar first met in the slaughterhouse in september and although, on oppositions, the connection was made and positively.

after numerous conversations and negotiations, we managed to collaborate for the vodka's launch party in the dentist, in london's chatsworth road; a new nifty little venue bought and developed by a young and fun and creative man with thankfully, vision and understanding!

we set up the brand new bar in a long tressle table and ladders behind us were holding the booze... 

the list was small, but fun and totally achievable and sellable!

the babalushkas, miks' concoction with vodka, amaretto and mango puree went down a storm, either shaken and served straight up, or bulit with crushed ice and my there and then devised sage martini with honey and white grape juice flew from the bar tops onto the martini glasses and devoured with happy anticipation with the lingering smell of the herb!

we had flags and bands and a lot of folk soaking up the new situation and i saw a lot of friends, new and old and equally wonderful...

i rounded up the party with some classic 90s house, which went down well after the alcohol warmth and the chill of the winter! good times and watch this space for more unique and delightful events such as this one!

meanwhile, i'm off to continue with the preparations of the bar's ball on saturday 21 january 2012... menus include detox mocktails...!

happy new year all in peace and cheers!

stav B.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

UNION gallery and CARTER

on friday night, i packed the car with three boxes and few bottles of alcohol and liqueurs and fruit and glassware, picked up some bourbon and grenadine on the way, ordered some ice, as i had stopped on a red light and carried it all two flights of stairs to set the bar up in a beautiful and spacious loft in east london's teesdale street, above the union gallery.

it was for art. carter gallery around the corner hosted my friend sarah baker's show le fan fan and whose idea was to have cocktail in the finishing party and as i always like to be involved in interesting and alternative happenings, i naturally said yes!

from my previous experience with bright light bright light event, i decided not to go overboard with stock and use my existing, as i am getting the hang of it and have plenty left; business woman, innit? more like little money, plenty of brains! ha!

the list contained gin daiquiri, which, as i have said before, an exquisite drink and a total joy to make, ginger mai tai, with ginger sirop i wanted to get rid of, giving it a delicious kick for the sweet tooth and perfect manhattan, because i knew a lot of folk, sarah included, were bourbon drinkers!

i did not expect to be as busy as i was and since i was on my own, i had total control , everyone got served as quickly as possible and i had compliments, made a new contact, less stock and money in the till!

i was listening to bittersweet symphony for the second time as i was clearing up, which put a smile in my face, for reasons all mine to relish...

preparing the winterball soiree with abundant passion and excitement; let the new challenge begin...

Thursday, 24 November 2011

red gallery

on tuesday 15 november 2011, 4 days before the celebration on my bar's one year and two months anniversary, an event, which i worked very hard to put together, after meetings and ideas thrown around and endless wordplay, in doug's busy living room, or by phone, or at chaat, our totally favourite bangladeshi restaurant, i was called to be told, that there was another event happening on that same night, as mine!! money talks?... should it?...

for those who know me, could foretell my reaction, for those who don't, can just imagine...

but i have said it before and i'm saying it again, when one door closes, another opens and i bid farewell to slaughterhouse, for having the bar and me and the people under its arched roof, for this journey is now complete... thank you...

i spent a day, licking my wounds, after talking to a couple of close friends and wondering, when i am going to be finally understood... a fact, which is pushing me further to my destiantion: of getting a place of my own, my own door and all the wealth of ideas and liquid, under its own roof! yummy dream, determined to be made reality!

the following day and after a chance encounter with an old friend on tuesday night at work and a lot of thinking, planning, telephoning and being on the verge of either cancelling, or going ahead with it, the place was found and booked!

i would never cancel, but i did consider it...

red gallery in shoreditch is predominantly an art venue with a bookshop, a ground floor room, which i got, warm (so important, as it is getting colder and colder in this town), with lights and an adequate sound system and a projector, too and a huge warehouse space in the basement with a great capacity and plenty of potential, which hosts all sorts of events, club nights and private views and of course, i had been to both more than once...

steep in price, for my budget, but totally worth it, as the loacation was perfect and easy to get to, had everything in it, so i would not run around to get equipment and again, it was warm and intimate...

my fairy lights were gracing parts of the room, two red lights were focusing on the live performers, the decks and cdjs were exuding fantastic tunes from the 50s till the present day and the projector was showing, in a loop, a small gem, with all the artwork, photographs and a long list of everyone who have contributed in the development and continuation of the bar and let me tell you, the list is loooong!!!! up soon!

doug and i had discussed elvis, as a loose theme, with all its americana glory, tackiness, permanence, parody, beauty and legend...

the menus looked like record sleeves and the special drinks i devised, held titles from 'the king's' songs:

one night with you was definitely a winner with dark rum and mango
a little less conversation was a vodka or gin drink with pomegranate
devil in disguise was a variation of a rusty nail, but with bourbon, instead of scotch and a generous amount of tabasco and
burning love was a tequila based drink with cassis...

i kept the classics, but twisted their names:
old fashioned jambalaya, with my signature apricot jam
and choca hula, as a chocolate manhattan

so much fun!

free mulled wine
constant filming, which i cannot wait to see
live drawing of people's faces
live music
lots of drinking and dancing and cheering and celebrating
busy busy busy bar

so, on saturday 19 november 2011, i celebrated with a fantastic team of people, talented and loving and a beautiful and large amount of customers, which included friends and strangers, stav B's liquor bar one year and two months anniversary! 14 months of conceiving, little money, constant thinking, revising, changing, discovering, devising, mixing, learning, fucking up, serving, satisfying, creating and growing! 14 months of slapping, kissing, losing, finding, kneeling and getting up! 14 months of business... to be continued older and stronger...

many thanks to all who have supported this project and continue to do so... it means a lot...

special thanks to that night's team: doug, andre, meg, hannah, jan, hildy, max, heather, christa, fahmida, brian, stelli, stclaire, yardas, greg amd marc... 

please watch this space for the winter ball soiree, the xmas version! lush, posh and delightful!

'strictly come darling'...

peace and cheers...

art and design by DHB
concept, drinks, photos by stav B
additional photography by stelli

ps did i mention? we wore garlands! 

Friday, 18 November 2011

things happen, but i turn them around...

i have no choice... doors open and close, leaves turn, strength paramount...
excited again! and super busy! i'll tell you all about it! 
again design by DHD

Wednesday, 2 November 2011