Saturday, 31 December 2011

the dentist and the potato vodka

i am rounding up 2011, by adding the last event that a part of stav B's liquor bar took part, as a manager and bartender; myself, in costume and turning up with skill and enthusiasm and no boxes to carry! 

on sunday 18 december 2011, i managed and bartended my new encounter and most likely future collaborator, daniel endelstyn, aka, zorokovich vodka 1917.

family, war, east europe, memory and a lot of vodka... which we served in single and double shot glasses and a pickled gherkin to go with it... homemade from potatoes and premium in a long clear bottle with an excellent type and birds...

zorokovich vodka and stav B's liquor bar first met in the slaughterhouse in september and although, on oppositions, the connection was made and positively.

after numerous conversations and negotiations, we managed to collaborate for the vodka's launch party in the dentist, in london's chatsworth road; a new nifty little venue bought and developed by a young and fun and creative man with thankfully, vision and understanding!

we set up the brand new bar in a long tressle table and ladders behind us were holding the booze... 

the list was small, but fun and totally achievable and sellable!

the babalushkas, miks' concoction with vodka, amaretto and mango puree went down a storm, either shaken and served straight up, or bulit with crushed ice and my there and then devised sage martini with honey and white grape juice flew from the bar tops onto the martini glasses and devoured with happy anticipation with the lingering smell of the herb!

we had flags and bands and a lot of folk soaking up the new situation and i saw a lot of friends, new and old and equally wonderful...

i rounded up the party with some classic 90s house, which went down well after the alcohol warmth and the chill of the winter! good times and watch this space for more unique and delightful events such as this one!

meanwhile, i'm off to continue with the preparations of the bar's ball on saturday 21 january 2012... menus include detox mocktails...!

happy new year all in peace and cheers!

stav B.

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