Friday, 9 June 2017

mayfair. march 2016 - may 2017

doors are opening and closing constantly and if one believes in abundance, like i do, since i started to meditate since february and regularly, then the above, is a fact materialised. 

but let me start from the beginning. 

london is a city, where i chose to be reborn. 
a city, where slowly and fast and surely is approaching a 30 year relationship, where nooks and crannies, secret doors and trendy places, are always yet to be discovered. 

i am a social butterfly. i am a vampire. a night adventurer. this is how i discover new places. 

this is how i discovered momo and the sketch... 

to be continued... 

Thursday, 18 February 2016

rounding up 2015 in The House of The Spirits.

two thousand and fifteen finished with a yet another pop up venture in a former brazilian restaurant on hackney road, ready to blossom into something new. 

the ex raizes, has become HoneyMoon, a new eaterie and bar next to the apiary exhibition and photography studios. 

times change very quickly in london nowadays and people are moving on, up, forward, ducking, diving and just about keeping their heads above water to survive and although the austerity and gentrification are sweeping hard and fast, new creative shoots are springing up as constant as the closure and decay, with a new positive lease (the openings).  

and breathe.

a friend passed me on the details of the new place and naturally, i was intrigued. 
as it happens, i knew the woman, who was running the apiary and had taken over the space next door. 
we met, we remembered, we talked.
and we decided, to warm the place up for christmas, till its final fate was to be considered after the new year. 

so, stav B' liquor bar was erected again in this positive, warm, female power energy, full of kindness and understanding and a creative flow. 

it was great to see people, who i have not seen in some time and my usual female crowd, who love to stay east. 

mulled cider, dressed the space in sweetness and cosiness and the tailor made cocktails were consumed with happiness and curiosity and a lot of thirst! it is only right and i was glad about that. 

infuses vermouths, homemade syrups and jams and bitters, vegan concoctions, for health, healing and the environment, as well as non alcoholic delights were gracing my carefully designed menus, affordable and delicious, as they should be. 

we had music form the 20s all the way to the 00s and we had dancing, art exhibitions, gong baths, full moon, new moon and we had christmas. 

a BIG thank you to all, who attended and enjoyed.

THANK YOU anka, for being a invaluable bartender, doug at DHD, for the fantastic artwork and design, in poster and menu, leslie, for offering me the space, ely and geraldine, for your wonderful support. 

it was a fine affair and look forward to where the liquor bar will be up next. 

peace and cheers. 

stav B x

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

the pop up life continues

i thought i would not pop up again, as i'm waiting for the shop to open, but once one has the 'bug', it never leaves and the immediacy of a temporary place is exciting, forever fresh, bewildering and liberating. 

so, stav B' s liquor bar is alive and well and it's popping up again in the south west and south east of london, in old hoods but new venues. 

the veg bar, is a brand new vegetarian and vegan restaurant, with a pool table, morrissey scattered around the room, a great sized event space downstairs, with a bar, where i pop up, a stage and a dance floor. 
it resides in brixton, and area very special to me, as i used to party and work there; although things have changed dramatically, the community spirit is still intact. 

uluntu, is a brand new flower shop, in bermondsey, the first area in south london i got to know, as i had friends there to visit on sundays for roast dinners and art chats, plus i lived there for a while, too. 
the shop belongs to a good friend, who i have known through a friend from brixton and as all good stories have a good continuation, it is great to be among fresh and beautiful flowers, mixing and concocting. 

the menu is small but concise, with tailor made cocktails and with more homemade ingredients, like bitters, jams and syrups, beer, wine and non alcoholic beverages.  
it changes every week, according to the stock and the occasion (eg pumpkin syrup for halloween). 

the music is an enjoyable medley from the 20s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and a lot of tom waits and roots. 

it's fun, it's easy, it's affordable and it's good and made with love. 
all part of the creative process and keeping it afloat and real, as a project, week in, week out. 

stav B's liquor bar
veg bar
45 tulse hill sw2
every thursday from 6pm
22 oct - 17 dec 15 and back the 7th jan 16

uluntu bermonsdey
63 tower bridge road se1
every friday from 6pm
23 oct - 18 dec 15 and back the 1st jan16