Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Apothecary

prior to launching and developing, Bitters & RYE, i expressed the desire to start making my own liquids, for mixing and blending, pushing the recipes further, varying the flavours and also trying something new and fun and different. i had made syrups before, but i wanted to expand. 

food ingredients were always featuring in my drinks, fresh , seasonal and unusual, to compliment and/ or complicate the flavours positively. 

i started rummaging the kitchen for what i could find, which was neglected and put aside (naturally still in date).

i found marvels in the shape of flowers and spices and so the apothecary begun. 

with syrups:
marigold, rosemary, sage, elderberry, hibiscus, jasmine, cardamom and lavender, rhubarb...  

inspired by the italian products and the italian food, that was served upstairs, i relished the fact of the limoncello and i started perfecting my own recipe, secret to me and made with love and healthy sugars. 

i pushed it and hungry for more, i made my first batch of sambuca, which is still very popular and delicious and not for the faint hearted. 

i moved on to the cordials, with camomile and elderflower. 

and then... the bitters... i own a small bible, which is informative and inspiring and my research and studies begun, travelling to new york, to fetch sugars, not available here and bittering agents restricted in this country, which fuelled my determination and excitement further. 

and after the bitters, there came the shrubs: vinegar full concoctions with fruits and veggies, as basis for the drinks, classics and/ or contemporary...

lavender, charred cinnamon, cardamom and saffron

orange, fig and cinnamon

making oleo saccharum is pure joy, full of gorgeous oils. 

setting up an online shop, for further distributing, so watch this space. 

embracing nature, the seasons, via a performative and ethical activity, putting a different integrity and respect in the drink making and subsequently drinking. 
lemon drawing for labels by anka dabrowska ©2015


*sazerac made with cardamom and saffron bitters

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