Monday, 20 July 2015

stav B's liquor bar is 4 years old!

24th september 2014, marked the 4th birthday of the liquor bar. 

four years of liquor adventures, good, bad, beautiful, ugly, serious, fun, prosperous, difficult, rewarding, creative, challenging, important, fun, queer, visionary, researched and full of colour, substance and quality, on the whole. 

looking back upon reflection, it was one of the best things i decided to embark on and learning on the way, stumbling, falling and rising again, all by myself, without family, the mafia, or some sharky creditor, was quite an achievement and i learned a lot. 

as usual and persistently wishing to do things originally and in an unorthodox way, i decided to have a party to celebrate two months later and say thanks you to everyone involved, even the enemies, who wanted to close me down, gossiped behind my back, stealing my ideas and generally, being idiotic and insecure; yes, i thank those, as well. 

but most of all, i thank all my creatives, without whom the project would not be the shape that it was and all my friends and surrogate family, customers, old and new, suppliers, brand ambassadors, spirit representatives, industry shows and tastings, who mentored, attended, tasted, taught and generally, supported the whole business of stav B's liquor in its entirety from the beginning till the present day - yes, i am stubborn and persistent like that. 

i chose the haggerston rooms, because the liquor bar is a pop up and there was point setting the party up, in my permanent space. 

the rooms are great, very british pub/ new orleans den stylee, with its own bar, its own loos and its own sound system. 

and although, because having a blog and informing the world about one's activities, adventures and happenings, does not include fibbing, so i'll be honest to say, that yet again, my party was hit by bad behaviour, by a drunk, very drunk, nine other than the owner...


as the show must go on, so must mine and we had a fantastic time, with great drinks (naturally), gorgeous music, delicious sandwiches, balloons, glitter and a baby glitter ball and some lovely folk to celebrate the event in respectful fashion. 

happy birthday liquor bar and i'll be damned if i don't continue. 

till the next four years... THANK YOU ALL and for everything; friends and enemies. 

bar anka dabrowska
sandwiches slap
photographs paul grace
music doug haywood, cheekyhalf, uncle stan
performance jai bernarde
artwork and design DHD

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