Sunday, 10 July 2011

two days great

i had two good, consistent days in the bar on friday and saturday with fabulous drinks (of course), brilliant music and great folk, some of them newcomers. 

'tis the season to be fresh and fruity and frozen, so we blended strawberries, or raspberries, or bananas, or blackberries, or pineapple, or watermelon, or pakistani mangos, as mr. ali called them and brought them and we mixed them with white rum, or vodka, or tequila, or gin and we created summer masterpieces, like, daiquiris and caipirowskas and margaritas, easy to drink, although i have to stress that ALL my cocktails contain DOUBLE shots of spirit, which is 50ml. strong good stuff and they went down very well on both nights.

we also served bellinis and kir royals, which i believe them to be exquisite summer classics for those, including myself, who like a bit of bubbly, instead of a cocktail.

and i saw friends from down under and those i have not seen for ages.

max dmc was spinning on friday a delightful concoction of disco, acid house and hip hop in twisted and unfamiliar mixes, till after midnight with hot passion and 
spike spondike filled the dancefloor with arabic and greek tunes, on saturday; a very good zorba mix put a smile on our faces and a click on our fingers, to continue with electro and 90s classic house. marvellous, music is so important and good music is fundamental!

i got a new BBQ set which christened its grills with doug's mouthwatering nut and spicy bean burgers, as well as caramelised pineapple kebabs and barbecued bananas with organic chocolate... 

the creativity, imagination and quality continues in the liquor bar... 

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