Tuesday, 26 July 2011

ready to pop again... up!

i dedicated this weekend to classic cocktails stirred gently and superbly.

vodka or gin martini: twist (lime jest polishing the rim of the glass and thrown in the liquid, twisted); vesper (gin and vodka together james bond style, but stirred, not shaken); gibson (with a pickled onion), naked (no vermouth), dirty (with olive brine and an olive) and my most popular...

manhattan: perfect (dry and sweet vermouth), dry or sweet... self explanatory... 50ml bourbon, in this case, a tiny bit of maraschino cherry juice and a cherry for garnish... a fine, stylish beverage, which, if made right, it is simply a delight!

of course, the old fashioned with sugar cubes this time, instead of marmalade were still desirable, as well as the yummy treacles...

later on saturday, a faithful bunch of italians turned up and their friends after and some of them wanted something with gin and somewhat sweet, so i concocted there and then a simple, yet effective combination of gin, creme d' abricot, lemon juice and a small heap of icing sugar; the cherry at the bottom of the glass became a cause of a exclamation of contentment and positive feedback; i must have made eight altogether in a small space of thirsty time!

a vodka mix with peach puree, lemon juice and grenadine was the alternative choice; fruity, sweet and tangy, nicely balanced with a lot of spirit in it, too!

we danced to austrian/german/french electro (mr. G), as well as acid house, 80s  and 90s pop and house (max dmc) and mingled and made new friends joined by imagination and the love of late night drinking... till it was time to go and say a final goodbye to gallery 5A.

popping up soon, somewhere else...

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