Saturday, 2 July 2011

private parties 2

july began well. 
last night i hosted another birthday party in yet another beautiful home and it was hard work and continuous, but splendid fun.

the hosts have seen my work previously, the 29 april, so they invited me in.
the menu (photo above) was more demanding, but manageable; it was a beautiful day anyway and the bellinis were more popular than the classic and kir royale, but all the prosecco disappeared in due time!

a variation of sours with bourbon, amaretto, vodka and tequila were enthusiastically received and consumed and the classic daiquiris made this time with appleton gold rum were a right treat!

the boys loved the idea of the old fashioned, but when i run out of maker's mark and recommended treacles (old fashioned with rum), a lot of beautiful women were queuing up for seconds...

i made mint juleps with vodka, as they were a few not favouring whiskey and do i need to say what happened when the margaritas, either on ice, or served up, starting flying off my huge tressle table?

the music was rocking with the brother of the lady, whose party i hosted last time; most are neighbours and good friends and at some point fire lit paper lanterns decorated the dark blue sky... magic!

i left after 2am and joined another gathering, small, yet intimate with my friends... i was sipping white wine and munching a pickled beetroot, which stained my hand...

another birthday party tonight and this time, in my bar... words and pics to follow... off to have some breakfast...

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