Saturday, 2 July 2011

private parties 1

on friday 29 april 2011, when two young people were making their union a public affair, to increase the economy of the counrty, or perhaps and most likely to make the suffering folk (recession is bad) stray away from their troubles even for a day, by the false belief in history and tradition, or simply because they want to drink... a lot...

i was invited to host a private birthday party in a beautiful home somewhere in the east end.
i was busy. i had fun. and everyone enjoyed the small, but precise cocktail menu, which i put together along to my clients wishes and requests and only left me with a quarter of gin and some cassis well after midnight.

we started with champagne cocktails, like the classic, bellini and kir royal, which went down well, especially, with the parents and we gradually moved to sours and daiquiris; beautifully fresh and with a massive froth (sours)!
cracking the egg and pouring sexily the white in to the drink has caused some fascination...

the music was excellent, spinned merrily by the brother of the hostess and there some delicious food, full of nutrients and imagination...

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