Monday, 18 July 2011

rum and bourbon

the weekend was packed with events here in london and the region. art, music, relentless partying.

it rained too. a lot. and the sun, when out, hot.

but the show, any show must go on and so will mine. it's my style anyway. also, consistency is important. z claims it and my star sign description.

i asked doug to make a new playlist for the bar, as i had no djs this weekend, purposely needing to be bit quieter, with sounds which started the bar from the 20s, 30s and 40s and some lush jazz, as i run a speakeasy and not a club (well, i do queen Bees, but not on this occasion, as the liquor bar)

divine. jazzy mixes blended with balkan beats, soul and swing...

dark rum was stirred gently and endlessly with the sugared bitters and the old fashioneds were made with orange (this time) marmalade... we consumed the watermelon in the form of a frozen cocktail and fresh and the strawberries were cut in half and formed a heart shape and were blended with white tequila, white rum and clear vodka... bleeding...

did i forget to mention? caspar, the huge, fluffy and adorable samoyed of michael and giles' visited us enthusiastically! family and love...

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