Tuesday, 28 February 2012

zorokovich tasting at gerry's wines and spirits. part two

again. for zorokovich1917 vodka tasting.
this time i kept it simple and classic and superb. even in plastic martini glasses.
and it was warmer as the days peculiarly have given us an essence of spring... delightful!

i rushed to camisa, the beautiful italian deli across the road and bought some pitted green olives and a jar of pickled onions!

i made gibsons and dirty martinis and i finished, as my brine, with dry martinis with a twist of lemon and/ or lime! fresh!

we sold two bottles. friends came. strangers came. drunk. enjoyed. in the middle of the afternoon till early supper time.

i had fun with the boys at gerry's and i left to go to work, with my banana liqueur in hand for tomorrow's party. my own...

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