Monday, 20 February 2012

unruly media event part two

last wednesday 15 february, i hosted for the second time the cocktail section of an event put together by unruly media in london's richmix!

i was delighted to be asked again to make a new list for their event, which included a huge presentation of unruly's new released videos and talks, as well as visitors from abroad.

it was a bigger scale this time of 150 people, so to facilitate traffic and save time, i devised three cocktails, which were built, instead of shaken and winter inspired, to warm the soul and satisfy the senses...

spiced rum, vodka, bourbon and a guava mocktail were thrown in the crushed ice and stirred rigorously with ginger syrup, coconut sypup, maple syrup, angostura bitters and ginger beer and soda water and i gave them names, like spiced rum and winter pina colada and i love playing with sangarees at the moment, too! 

needless to say, they were devoured happily and completely; i ran out of everything and got home with a few soda bottles and 0.1 of coconut syrup! and on time! perfect!

happy clients and satisfied senses; look forward to the next episode, as this is an ongoing professional affair!

many thanks to emilie giles, who co ordinated the event and negotiated with me, uli gamper, for co bartending with me and doug haywood, for designing the menu.

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