Monday, 27 February 2012


so much fun at fabrica584 on saturday 18 february! 

fabrica584 is my new daytime hangout! it's a fantastic new cafe which opened in the heart of london's dalston nearly four months ago!

i saw it for the first time, as i was driving past to go to my last job in london's stoke newington and i was intrigued... and as i got myself a new job next door to it sometime later, i went inside to get some lunch before my shift... and i fell in love!

it's raw and industrial and individualistic and contemporary, with mismatched furniture, excellent coffee, which i appreciate, but don't drink and delicious food!

it's owned by two wonderful mediterranean men, who are good friends from italy and greece respectively... who love quality, good times and camaraderie!

the idea of a pop up possibility in the cafe came later during my visits... i constantly sharpen my ability to look for new venues and possibilities and make it happen, such a delight!

for that particular party, which was in aid of another friend's 45th birthday and it contained a small DJ marathon and a lot of 45s! get it? genius!, i concocted a small and concise list of five delights, three of which were coffee based, to compliment the excellent coffee fabrica is perfecting everyday!

vanilla vodka, tequila, spiced rum, amaretto and bourbon for the maple syrup sangarees, a lot of kahlua, calvados and ginger sirop and fresh lime to add to the combination... of the spirit with the dark and rich and aromatic espresso shots!

i gave them names to compliment the cafe's elements:

espressotini/ the classic espresso martini
mexican aroma/ for the coffee flavour
smooth almond/ for the coffee crema
galvanised mule and raw sangaree/ for the cafe's industrial and stripped decor
and the exposed brick...

fun and love and celebrity masks, wows and empty bottles of spirits! warm and gorgeous people full of thirst and appreciation... and the music? divine and spot on! pics to add to the ambience were snapped happily by a lot of us!

good times. sexy times. creative times. progressive times...

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