Tuesday, 28 February 2012

the age of aquarius

last saturday the 25th day of february, stav B's liquor bar popped up again at the dalston emporium for the second time! the theme was colourful and utopian and rock, with flowers on the tables and warmth in our hearts, as the night was warm and full of possibility!

the age of aquarius inspired a combination of art nouveau and psychedelia, with the antithesis of my usual black and white and silver, giving room to pink and purple and yellow and blue and red and green... a lot of and a responsive cocktail list and a playilst... all blended together nicely and making great (non)sensical sense!

i kept the classics on my list, as i always remember where this tiny big enterprise came from, with a variety of combinations, i.e chocolate perfect manhattan and marmalade old fashioned with fig this time, so rich and delicious and the exquisite vodka and gin martinis and their variations...

and for the fun staff, my specials of the night, which compliment and amplify the theme, i devised five alcoholic cocktails based on the spirits that i already had with additional trimmings in syrups, liqueurs, fruit juices and fresh herbs!

and as the concept is constantly pushed and it is such a delight to devise names, as well as the drinks, i called them joplin julep/ bourbon, synaesthesia/ vodka and ginger liqueur, which proved to be very popular, so when i ran out of the liqueur, i replaced it quickly with fresh ginger and with a bit of gomme, it was heaven indeed... stairway to heaven/ tequila and calvados and arabesque/ dark rum and banana liqueur and perception/ gin and coconut liqueur and pineapple juice and grenadine with a cherry on top! of course! 
the punch was LSD! with lemon juice, sugar and dark rum... get it? so yummy!

out of respect for the teetotalers and detoxers, the list with non alcoholic cocktails remains and for this event  i made purple haze, mango delight and veggie virgin bloody mary and the jewel on the crown was the garden breeze with elderflower cordial, cucumber and mint and topped up with white grape juice! a friend called it ridiculous in the sense of the genius and how do i come up with such delights? chuffed!

roses for ashley were playing live music, their own, for the third time and it was amazing! they are dear friends and very talented and professional and i have decided upon their residency! 

a declining of a bar shift brought an acceptance of a photo snapping one and a new boy in my block of a team has been welcomed. Z took some amazing pics, capturing the night, the moments, the essence, the mood completely and beautifully!

my bar team was incredible and D's playlist sexy and precise!

i am blessed, i am lucky, happy and content... and ready for the next installment, as the bar has a long life of creativity, in front and behind the bar!

just... watch this space! did i mention the crowd? a dream! and my new security? splendid!... 

i give thanks to my life, my fortune and all the people that are behind me on this in love and support... photos now and a song, before i start weeping!

peace... and ... cheers!

me. x

special thanks to sez, doug, andre, holly, luis, uli, kaison, hannah, jan, diana, zbigniew and deirdra@ jameson's, for providing me with the superb jameson special reserve irish whiskey which i used for the old fashioned and manhattan.

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