Tuesday, 28 June 2011

stav B's liquor bar in gallery 5A

which brings me to the current times, where the sun has started shining and burning our skin wonderfully and getting rid of our blemishes and puts a smile in our faces and makes our bodies breathe...

from the third floor, i moved and popped the bar on the ground floor of the back of the building, in june's gallery 5A.

a simple white space with ash grey floor, a small toilet and a sink. dimmers and a great natural light. i have known this space for some time, via friendships and recommendations, so when the opportunity arose, i simply... grabbed it!

the challenge was on one more time, so june and her helper hung the work lying on the floor or leaning against the wall, according to my suggestions, beautiful tressle tables and old school chairs were lent by the vintage furniture trader next door, i placed my fairy lights on the floor (the roses, a present to myself; the pin ups, a birthday present), laid a tablecloth on the long serving table, consumables on one side, spirits on the other, fridges cooling... et voila! ready to trade, run out, have fun, entice, mix, concoct, devise and serve!
straight up, with a twist, dirty, with a cherry, shaked for the meringue...

stav B's liquor bar is still in the gallery, hosting argy and julian's joint birthday party this weekend... from 6pm.

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