Monday, 27 June 2011

a good idea/ a new beginning: stav B's slammer bar

stav B's liquor bar started its interesting, speakeasy and prohibition style life on friday 24 september 2010.

the original name was stav B's slammer bar, because it was held and operating in the old police station in deptford, london, se14.

an old 20s building, the old police station, with its original features, like the fingerprinting room, the cells, the male ones, used as exhibition/ project spaces and the female ones, as toilets... take note of the decision... and an array of two - d presentations of signatures, currency and other policing paraphernalia, hosted all sorts of art and music events and the bar!

the idea was and still is based loosely on the speakeasy and the prohibition bar, where alternative spaces and places and quirky and deceiving crockery were used to serve up hardcore and delicious classic cocktails, in the privacy of the unknown and secret, away from the law.


my menu started with four classic cocktails, made perfectly and lovingly and poured in jam jars (my own private collection of bon maman from the kitchen cupboard; friends contributed later, too), tea cups with or without their saucers and mish mash glasses, found, bought, 'borrowed'!

vodka and gin martini; manhattan and marmalade old - fashioned were downed happily and i had one red and one white french and some beer, too, including a gluten' wheat free for the sufferers.

doug created the flyers, afer my brief and compiled a playlist, as well as he was djing a tailor made set and i was dressed in shirts and ties and pearls and waistcoats; field day and so much fun.

i wanted/ needed to create something alternative and unique, where ideas spark, projects materialise and exquisite liquid consumed; i wanted to create a job, which i would love and put my heart, soul and passion into it...
concept. manifestation. action. mistakes. lessons. continuation... and loads of mug shots, for the love and art of it all!...

additional photography by georgie clarke

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