Monday, 27 June 2011

stav B's convenience bar

in the middle of may 2011, stav B's liquor bar popped up for a night only, sadly, but conveniently in brooksby's walk public convenience rooms on brooksby's walk/ chatsworth road in london's e9. (hence the name on the title above)

brooksby's walk public convenience rooms were toilets for the public since the 50s. the hopeless council closed them down, because paying a toilet attendant was costing too much!

the clapton 'improvement' society, containing of fundamentally disinterested and affluent folk, who need to busy themselves and make a few pennies out it, decided to open the toilets, using the female ones, as toilets and the male ones, as an event space; take note of that...: events in the gents...

a friend recommended me to the chairman of the society and i was immmediately intriqued and eager to participate: site specific and collaborative and community inspired; my elements, or at least, some of them...

i opened and closed the same night and it was fabulously busy and exciting and full of different people, titilated by the fact that they were sipping dirty gin martinis and bourbon sours in the loos!

hackney council smelled the idea and got some cronies to smash the windows and board up the toilets! the chairman of the society is under negotiations with the director of planning to re open and get hold of a 99 year old lease... i am not holding my breath, but it was good that i experienced that venue...

stav B's pie n' mash liquor bar down the pan and up in a flash! done and happened!


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