Wednesday, 23 October 2013


servant jazz quarters is a small and old joint near dalston, which could deliver miracles, if it was released from the shackles of antagonism, the burden of dust - euphemism - and the lack of motivation, imagination and risk. 

i managed the bar there for a while and as always i assumed the responsibility of taking over the sundays for THE PLACE. 

despite the name, jazz is normally played there on fridays, but it accommodates all genres of music, apart from the so called 'dance music', for obvious reasons; the owner loathes it and the venue is not a club.

the bar has an array of interesting beers and ales and a very basic cocktail list, which of course, i revived, for again, the obvious reasons; i get bored with stagnancy and i bring change and progress in everything i undertake, despite the situations and the timing, which now and after a while, are within my control. 

there is an vague concept of emulating the idea of the speakeasy, which i have already done and well, three years ago and my goodness, how mundane and predictable now, especially, when all the tedious boys with some cash, but no imagination, are trying to cash in from it, something which was original and true to itself... THEN! and within valid reason... 

but none of these ideas can work, if one: a. cannot make a basic drink, b. cannot devise a drink and is generally unaware of ingredients and flavours and c. is basing all these, in pointless and lazy research and by futile visits to other bars... hmmm... where is the individuality? where is the finesse?

needless to say, my bar's life did not last long, neither did i as a manager and mixologist, for a variety of reasons, which, i believe it is important to address:

my real purpose is to finally settle in my own venue
i have very little to no tolerance to childish jealousy and blatant copying
my heart is within my own project

i have learnt to take the rough with the smooth though and i understand and accept at the same time, that everything happens for a reason and as it should. 

and if i don't know what i want, then, i definitely know, what i don't.

onwards and upwards and i am blessed to have been given an opportunity to introduce my bar to new people, have a platform to experiment and practise and also meet some wonderful folk, who i still communicate with, to this very day...

THE PLACE continues...

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