Wednesday, 23 October 2013

10 years of life together

we had a hot and long summer here in london and it was a true blessing...

the heat brought a lot of parties, outings, BBQs, garden gatherings and warmth into our hearts, as well, as a tan on our bodies and the golden kiss from the sun is no understatement. 

in the middle of july, i was invited back to the gorgeous garden of viv and dom's, to host their 10th year wedding anniversary (the first time, i was making my devised drinks for viv's 40th) and as always, it was a lot of fun, despite the long stint - it was summer after all and we could all hear the music from field day all the way from victoria park. 

after the usual conversation and thought, i came up with a simple menu, which was representing my style, timing (as i only had one young girl/ the couple's neighbour and babysitter to help me) and dom's budget. it was, nonetheless, delicious, appropriate and desirable as i ran out of everything apart from red wine and beer by 2am!

as always, i met great people, who i have seen before, old faces, who i have not seen for ages and i used to work with and brand new people, who were interested in hiring me, as well, as chatting with me, as i was mixing and shaking. nice. 
this is the menu below. the music spinned in choked speakers and a knife nearly flew in drunken jest, which, i removed from the irrelevant hands and placed back where it belonged. the drawer. the adventures of the adults never cease to amaze me. for better or for worse. till the next time: happy anniversary dom and viv.  x

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