Wednesday, 20 February 2013

THE PLACE needs a place

... and at present, it resides once a week in a 70s building, which has been and still is a community centre, with a theatre hall and various other rooms as studios and in the process of being occupied by other creatives in art and design and media and other gatherings... the library, has moved to dalston central, a super modern building in the regenerated square...

The Rose Lipman community and theatre hall is where THE PLACE pops up and pops down every friday from 6pm.

and to be exact in the ROLAND VICTOR ROYSTON - MINTON hall, complete with a kitchen, a huge ballroom, a stage, thick heavy and velvet red curtains, lights and a load of history, which i wish to unravel as we trot along in this new journey...

i was introduced to the space in october 2012, when i was invited to do the bar for MILLco's annual exhibition, sponsored by CO - OPERATIVE, in their new building in london's haggerston/ de beauvoir crescent...

i saw it. i liked it. i wanted it. i got it.

and as my short trip to voodooray's was paused temporarily, we'll see, for purely business reasons, i jumped at the opportunity, as i see the potential, for something interesting to commence and continue, by retaining the originality and the new and fresh and interesting...

i stripped down the menu to my my twisted classics and originals, so that i can get rid of stock i already had and start again with the new events.

i also dropped the prices down, for obvious reasons, but also, as a reaction to a brutal conservative system, which includes soaring prices and no service; well, not in my shop!

the wine has changed in politics and quality, too: carton boxes of wine equivalent to four bottles are mafia free, chemicals free and carbon foot print reduced and they are absolutely delicious, organic and precise in flavour, true to their grape. 

the prosecco comes in tap and its frizz is just right; fresh and bubbly and wonderfully seductive and very very italian.

i kept the estrella damm, bottled beer from barcelona, as it has been the most popular and very affordable.

there is still jam in the old fashioned, from apricot, to black cherry and victorian plum, rhubarb in the treacle, fig in the margarita and fresh sage in the vodka martini.

trying new vodka and gin from a london company is also exciting with homemade and purely distilled spirits, where bottles are to be kept for recycling and money/ resources saving reasons. bliss.

art and politics. cocktails and fun. stories intertwined. as it should be.

this is going to be my fourth week in the theatre and the traffic has been interested/ interesting and consistent. with regulars, who follow and new ones, who pop in, out of interest or sheer curiosity; word of mouth, has always been a good source of advertising after all and it's always lovely to greet and serve new folk.

last week, we entertained two beautiful boys, for their joint birthdays and we had a lot of fun... 

i'm putting my head down for more focus and re invention... after all, i've always done it my way and constantly learning...

THE PLACE is at ROSE LIPMAN building/ ROLAND VICTOR ROYSTON - MINTON hall, to be exact every friday from 6pm. the entry is free. watch this space for extra treats; hair styling, under the spotlight, dance for against violence to women, magic, theatre productions and the dyke march launch party...

busy bee and up for it...
join us.
in drinking and avant garde fun. music, too. from the 40s all the way to the 00s. 

peace and cheers. 


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