Monday, 2 April 2012

the italian party

i walked into fabrica last tuesday afternoon before my meeting and a private view later, after eight days absence (too busy), to have a bowl of soup, rebond and regroup, good for my soul...

robi was going to phone me... there was a party this coming friday in the cafe; a friend was organising and DJing for another friend's party and it was all italian: from rafaella carra on the laptop to negronis behind the bar!

i did the stocktake and made a shopping list... i kept the original list, because i had a fair amount of spirits to finish off and i decided to make negronis, when i discovered a lot of campari in the one of the boxes!

the day shift cleared up and gave room to us to set up. we were all super organised and excited. we sent another friend to fetch thirty limes and we had pizza on the quiet cafe before the storm, which started around ten to end in a smashing boom! at three! in the morning!

the galvanised mules totally took the starring role with their fresh spicyness and this time, i used king's ginger liqueur, which is just exquisite, because my supplier had no sirop. 

we replenished the used spirit very quickly, the negronis were literally flying of my nipple trays, the espressotinis had a gorgeous creamy head and when i asked vale to fetch some eggs, well, needless to say, the bourbon and amaretto sours were devoured and the vodka and gin sours were introduced, with curious enthusiasm and... thirst!

we have been blessed with gorgeous weather recently with sunny, bright and warm days, yet and still chilly nights and that reflected on the drinks choices... as we trolled through the night, tequila and vodka were not disregarded and there was always a flexibility for a spirit and mixer: coca cola, mandarine juice, ginger beer and soda...

there was a lot of dancing, wowing, clapping, cheering, singing and... drinking; positive vibes, great energy and good camaraderie among good folk, who were complimenting us, the quality of our work and watching the performance in the making with joy and consistent appreciation! i am glad about that for business and personal reasons!

we worked hard, fast, well, in between snaps and sambuca coffee shots and there was the occasional sing along hands in the air affair! so much fun!

after the smash and the liquid and sparkling smithereens had decorated the pavement, we dutifully turned off the volume and put this lovely little hub back to normal for the next day's service! the croissants had arrived!

fun galore and love plenty at fabrica584 and watch this space for our easter special! 

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