Thursday, 12 January 2012

unruly media event

two very loyal friends who i met when i was managing a bar on broadway market, london, who became my regulars in my pop up bar, introduced me to their good friend, the ceo at unruly and the idea that i might be doing something in their offices as a gesture of good will and looking after their staff... of course, i said yes and time went by... till...

last thursday, i received an email from the ceo's colleague, introducing herself and inquiring whether i would be available to have my pop up bar in their offices on tuesday 10 january just gone!

of course, i said yes and i knew i had to act fast, which was a challenge to me!

we exchanged a few emails, whereas i needed to know certain pieces of information, so that i can get an idea with who i was dealing with, so that i can create the menu:

fast, quirky, fun, love to drink, more boys than girls, no theme, but a huge thank you to the investors and a list of preferred alcohol from mount gay rum to frangelico, was what i received...

so, i came up with drinks to satisfy all senses, using the spirits which they loved, fruity, nutty, bitter and exotic:

mango daiquiri with mount gay
gin daiquiri with bombay
sage martini with wyborowa
pineapple caipirihna with sagatiba silver
almonds and hazelnuts with amaretto and frangelico

and of course a non alcoholic concoction, as it is very important to consider the folk, who don't drink alcohol, for detox, health or religious purposes...
mango delight with grenadine and soda and a squeeze of lime...

needless to say, i had queues with curious and satisfied palettes by the counter of the open plan and spacious kitchen of their offices, to watch and to taste and i must admit here, they were seriously nice people, patient and understanding for good quality and quirky fun!
they drank the lot, half a bottle of gin and a drizzle of frangelico and a few cartons of juices... nice!

all happy and from the emails i received the next day, that was a very successful operation based on quick, imaginative and consistent response.

definitely something stav B's liquor bar would like to involved in...

next: getting ready for the winterball and the list is ready! see you after the 21st with feedback and pics... peace and cheers...

menu swiftly designed by DHD

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