Tuesday, 18 October 2011

fonts and absinthe

stav B's liquor bar (my tiny little enterprise), was invited to do the drinks for MILLco's annual exhibition, sponsored by La Fontaine absinthe and in association with Monotype.

MILLco is a creative agency, based on vyner street, a very important art hub area, where first thursdays are very popular and busy... with all sorts of folk from the art world, enjoying shows and free plonk...

La fontaine is a new, wonderfully made clear absinthe, which at 56% is not for the faint hearted, yet a challenging, but not impossible spirit to mix.

Monotype is a font and imaging company...

i was asked to create three cocktails associated with the three brand new fonts that Monotype came up with:

neue haus grotesk, 
rotis II sans

after careful consideration and research and a great deal of thinking, i decided to create variations of the classics, using the names of the fonts and finally applying their special characteristics on the drinks:

akko sour... the font is soft and fluffy/ with dark rum
grotesk martini... the font is warm, elagant and black/ with mandarine vodka
rotis daiquiri... the font is graceful, smart and curious/ with gin (my favourite)

i arranged the staff, the costs, the bar graced with two crystal fountains, where i  had a fresh and green mix with cucumber, mint and lemons and a warmer, red one, with fresh cranberries, raspberries and oranges... under the tap, there were glasses with an absinthe shot, with the spoon and sugar cube...

to start the party with, i had three trays of absinthe mules, simply made with absinthe, fresh lime juice and ginger ale, circulating among the guests.

needless to say, we got really really busy... the queue was massive and i know it was a combination of the free drinks and the performance of us three behind the bar, shaking my concoctions furiously and fast!

it was a great party, a great success and the absinthe challenge was fullfilled! vodka next time, yes, please!

many thanks to claire martin, liz birkbeck and nick hartwright at MILLco
andre, dan, anna, luis for bartending and waiting and clearing up
doug, for the wonderful menu design
stelli, for rushing to gerry's to get me the special spirits

bespoke... and quality...

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