Monday, 19 September 2011

the slaughterhouse

i am just getting myself together... so tired... after all this conception, preparation and final execution...
it's a september aftrenoon on a monday and the sun is playing hide and seek with the clouds and it's warm. lovely.
i'm back here, blogging happily about the new venue and party which my bar graced in exotic and lush style.

the slaughterhouse in shoreditch, london and at the back of the geffrye museum is a new business, incorporating a hair salon (chris, its young owner, has been cutting hair since the age of 14 in his stepmum's salon and has developed a beautiful style and doing it on his self employed self); a tattoo parlour, with his mate  jack, who simply loves tattooing and a photographic studio, where emerging artists can showcase their work... all under a huge arch in black, red and white...
i was introduced to the space by the gorgeous kajsa, the girlfriend of my friend's friend and of course and as usual, i jump into a new opportunity with a vivid passion, imagination and risk.
our collaboration began yesterday sunday 18 september, where i brought the bar to accompany a reggae band, graffiti art on paper and skateborads and i suppose the melancolic end of summer for the golden autumn to begin.
i devised a menu based on the beauty and spirit of reggae and the freshness and naturalness of fruit. and i went rum galore...
since, my good friend cristine, who accepted my offer of bringing her kitchen in the bar and finally, as it was in the cards for some time, collaborate with me, is brazilian and was making lush brigadeiros with a bottle of sailor jerry's rum that i bought her, cachaca simply had to be included, where the abaci batidas flew from the bar top to the jam jars and the throats of many enthusiasts!
the menu including a precise, taylor made, quite demanding, but manageable list of mulatta and apricot daiquiri, as well as the yummy abacaxi ricaco (spelled abacashi ricasoo)... all mixed with dark rum and in this case appleton, which is a really nice and affordable jamaican rum, creme de cacao, for the mulattas and creme d'abricot and lilet for the daiquiris...
for the batida, i used the incredible cachaca sagatiba pura, smooth and fresh and basing its excellent reputation on 400 years of painstaking development of a recipe... produced in sao paulo, of course! delicious and sexy; i built the drink in a jam jar with crushed ice, lemon, sugar and pineapple juice! 
and naturally, i had the classics, never to be underminded and always respected: dry gin martini, dirty vodka martini, perfect and sweet manhattan, old fashioned and treacles and my tiny stock created a few long island ice teas, which, in my opinion, is a ridiculous drink, comprising five clear spirits, lime and coke, but what can i do, when a sweet man is asking for it and i can do it? i was in a good mood and i layered it in a highball...
cristine's kitchen included the absolutely and i'll say it again, sexy and delicious handmade parcels with goat's cheese and beetroot oozing out of them and served with a watercress salad! the spiced rum brigadeiros served chilled in shot glasses were a winner and let me tell you this readers, they were not for the faint hearted! lush and alcoholic!
we had fun and the ball is rolling again and well...
i'm due to return at the slaughterhouse on saturday 15 october for the fundraiser i am organising for the east london fawcett society and this is going to be a biggie!
watch this space for more details and go to facebook to see the event.
meanwhile, enjoy these words and pics and take a breather, after it all.
preparing my fashion event next. i shall tell you all about it.


drinks by stav B
food by cristine leone
artwork/ design by doug haywood

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