Friday, 23 September 2011

slings, daiquiris and disco moments...

on wednesday the twenty first of september on the two thousand and eleventh year, rod thomas, aka bright light bright light had a party launching the band's second single, at myhotel's central bar in bedford square!
and he asked me to bring stav B's liquor bar into it! i said yes!

i met lovely rod last easter sunday at a barbecue party, alun davies, art director and friend, who has worked at the bar too... and we connected... 

we had an express meeting bang in the middle of london fashion week and it was all full on and hectic, but i like the pressure as a challenge and more interesting... i was very late, but quick in getting the info i wanted to create the cocktails...

rod liked gin, but we decided that the majority would like vodka and of course i wanted rum in the menu, as it's exquisite and very interesting when combined with flavours.

the colours featured were black and red and pink and grey and rod mentioned how much he liked twin peaks, which admittedly, is one of my favourite television series ever, after six feet under and true blood; get it?


this event prompted me to have a logo made, which was tricky, because, i'm not a logo, don't have a logo and create site specific images every event... but i asked doug to use the work that we have had already, as it's very good and plenty and i knew he was super busy with LFW also; he designs the sounds for shows...

in black and white... perfect... photos on the previous post, but i'll add here too.

the menu, which i wanted in simple white paper with garamond type, included just four cocktails, based on my client's loves and desires and using names from the famous track and the name of the venue, as well as colours and the yummy cherry pie, which agent cooper was scoffing down in the diner and we, as faithful spectators shall never taste... colours, too.

disco moment sling
with gin, heering cherry liqueur, benedictine dom, lemon juice and pineapple juice with two drops of orange bitters when served up
ginger martini
with vodka, or gin and a kick ass ginger liqueur, so condensed and alcoholic, it knocked lovely kapila out! nicely, i hope.
blueberry daiquiri
with dark rum, lime juice, sugar cane and blueberry liqueur; delicious and dark
central black
with vodka, creme de cassis, apple juice, lemon juice and sugar cane

it was really good, pushing it further and mixing up strong flavours, with ordinary spirits, with exquisite combinations and high quality liqueurs, which i trekked from east to central london to get happily from my beloved special shops!

we were busy and we enjoyed the whole affair; i hope that i'm not missing too many of my jam jars, how much jam can one have to collect?

typography next... watch this space for more details and cheers, for if you try this at home, be extra careful with your measures!
i used

benedictine DOM
heering cherry liqueur
lapponia blueberry liqueur
king's ginger liqueur

pure, undiluted alcoholic joy!

music by brightlightbrightlight
logo/ menu design by doug haywood
cocktails/ photos by stav B

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