Wednesday, 7 October 2015

the rum tasting.

tuesday 2 september 2015

i was invited to a rum tasting in colourful, clean and quiet before the mess, barrio east, in london's shoreditch, to try four delicious rums and i took anka and doug with me, as they are great companions and they both like a good glass of booze in the afternoon. 

1. the duppy share, from Jamaica and barbados, bottled in london
2. bushtea, an english spiced rum, a gorgeous infusion of botanics and warm spices
3. east london liquor company rum, 100% demerara and aged in bourbon casks for three years
4. new dawn, full of molasses and richness... 

we networked and tried some bonus liquors and tasted a daiquiri made with the ELLC rum; delicious... 

fun to be had and am i a bit tipsy? 

a very good afternoon, peppered with other bar visitations, vintage shops and art shows, supper at dosa world and a glass of wine at the discount suit company... 
rum is the key to a good time... 

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