Friday, 9 May 2014

a new story unfolds: Bitters & RYE cocktail club

when one door closes, another opens; when one closes a door, to open another willingly and on both counts; no one knows what is around the corner and that the whole of our lives is full of episodes and possibilities...

this is how my November 2013, last year, but just a few months ago, begun; as i was waiting for my new horizon to materialise, my new horizon, so it seemed, was staring at me in the face...

my initial detachment, because of another somewhat commitment, which i decided to abandon altogether and after a quasi consideration, because it was far too corporate and bad for my creative spirit, became a full on involvement.

and involved i became... seeing it as a new opportunity, to correct past mistakes and start afresh, with more energy, passion and creativity, applying a solid background of experience and learning new tricks continuously.

so, Bitters & RYE cocktail bar was born. 

in the bosom of PAESAN'S basement. an italian cucina povera, with simple, authentic, italian food, made with love and true italian style. i am not exaggerating. The place is good and organic and established with love and vision.

And i like to get immersed in passion and creativity, extending my own.

So, Bitters & RYE cocktail club is a lounge speakeasy bar and what I am constantly creating, is an easy going and inclusive and safe vibe for everyone, with tailor made cocktails and music, events and happenings, art and films.

Stav B’s liquor continues its residency every two months with different themes and lists and shenanigans:

i was inspired by the Italian factor. The influences the Italians had on Americans and especially, the cocktails, aperitivi, vintage and traditional Italian bitters and digestives.

I fell in love with all the amaro (bitters in Italian), especially, the cynar, ramazzotti, the exquisite punt e mes and the ever classic and classy antica formula, to name but a few.

I started making my own limoncello, which was and still is a 7 day process joy and constantly perfecting my Sambuca recipe, natural and aromatic, full of its proper flavour, but with a twist.

I infuse the vodka with three types of mushroom and the gin with brine and delicious scilia olives.

The cocktail list is full of vintage Italian concoctions, blended with my own twists and classics.

The homemade camomile cordial I made from scratch and flowers, is part of a fresh mock, full of zing and scent from the fields – I kid you not.

The experimentation continues and so is the life of the bar, full of warmth, love, passion, creativity and wonderful people…

To be continued…

Bitters & RYE cocktail club
2 exmouth market
London ec1r 4px
Tue – Thu 5:30pm – 12:00am
Fri – Sat 5:30pm – 3:00am

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