Friday, 15 June 2012

The Place

may 2... i scraped my hair back in a bun, like i used to, as it was washed and wet and was not in the mood, or had the time to style it to my usual bouffant, put some casuals on and my fave adidas sneakers and drove up to the end of dalston and the beginning of stoke newington, to have a meeting, that would change the fate of the liquor bar to better and bigger things, in an expansive mode!

a place, which i had seen before, but only the downstairs bit, was up for grabs again and the upstairs also... and as my reputation precedes me and more folk are familiar and fans of my work and the fact that the world is also filled with good people, who wish to help out, because they recognise the potential, achieved though sheer hard work and the persistent love for the imaginative and alternative, i was offered the place... to take on, as mine, with my two silent partners on the background, taking care of detrimental stuff, so that i can get on with the juicy, creative ones!

i said yes, out of instinct and a deliberate lack of choice, as i needed to move on, extend, develop...

and i got to work that evening, with ideas pouring out of my head, as the most natural thing, ever! and it was!

i launched The Place, three weeks later, ready enough to begin its new, adventurous life!

continuing the ethos of the pop up for the avant garde and the different...
continuing the ethos of the liquor bar, with constant experimentation, but in a permanent base...

and discovering new impressions, methods, concepts...

so, i named it, list it, staffed it, decorated it, stocked it, blew a powerful air of freshness into its previously dull and dying building... and i turned the music loud...

i am currently writing this post, on one of my sofas at The Place and it is 4:05 am, also apologising to my readers for the lateness of this, only because i have been mentally busy, trying to pull everything together in harmonious organisation, this huge task, which, does not scare me at all, but has got me constantly thinking, plotting and devising and throwing my creative flows in it!

well worth it and about time, too...

needless, to say, the launch went really well, with bands, DJs and photographs and drinks and free and delicious olive tapenade on turkish falt bread for a welcome... 

i have had the most positive response ever from friends, ex colleauges, new folk, with the eagerness to help, support and spread the word! i was showered with congratulations and 'you deserve it' statements and their excitement was paramount...  and was kept busy by answering curious questions... in between my jumping behind the bar and shaking a concoction or two, or more and direct, greet and monitor...

fun! love! yumminess!

and the positivity continues... working on branding, logo refining, event organising, sound system installing, wine tasting, coffee training, dessert making, menu devising, staff training and so many other delights... the word is out and the baby is growing nicely, happily and with the love and nurturing of a lot of keen surrogate parents!

more to come... you can find all the details about The Place on facebook, as a page and as a group, with everything that has been going on so far...

i am logging out, after sharing these news with a massive THANK YOU to ALL who have attended so far, my wonderful team, atalanta, eva, talulla and pierre, for being competent, fun, supportive and totally involved; watch this space of they will be coming out with; sal and jun, for the precious support; eddie, for the faith, ben and ludo at l'atelier, for the wonderful furniture, mustafa, for the delicious pizzas and all my friends, for helping me, with the tables and chairs every time, smiling...!

stav B's liquor bar is continuing as a pop up, selectively and in private events, meanwhile... welcome to The Place!

peace and cheers!

additional photography by zbigniew
crown on logo by DHD

The Place. 182 stoke newington road. london n16 7uy. uk
+44 (0) 207 275 9988
open every day from 6pm


  1. Congratulations Stav. Will come by The Place soon :)


  2. that would be amazing roxy! and thank you! x

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