Monday, 19 March 2012

jameson irish whiskey

last wednesday, i drove to rural hounslow and parked at space 95, at the back of continental hotel, as arranged...
i was invited to pernod ricard offices, to do a presentation with jameson irish whiskey: to make a drink, talk about it and about the liquid, why i am using it, etc... by the brand's representative, who 'discovered' me at my ex job's bar, where i greeted her and knocked her up a smokey rusty nail, which she adored... on her second visit, she brought me a red breast pot still delight, which i used to mix the ever delicious blood and sand. which i normally add to my valentine's list of delights (rodolfo valentino/ blood and sand premier, 1922) get it? with martini rosso, cherry brandy, orange juice and the whiskey... divine!

as well as the special reserve jameson's, which i made a creamy sour with and earned as a gift for the age of aquarius pop up! (see post 28 feb)

i turned up and on time in white tie and very excited: being recognised for one's talents is a given and in the hub of professional niche, but i know i belonged there deservedly and of course, i was... myself!

i decided to make a perfect caramel manhattan, my way, stirred and not shaken with a subtle amount of gorgeous caramel sirop, to simply compliment the classic...
i introduced myself and spoke of how jameson reflects ireland's history via the war, the famine, prohibition, imperialism, blocked customs and diversity of methodology and has survived spectacularly, like the country with beauty, substance and diversity: 12 yr/ 18yr, etc... and how the americas and the commonwealth countries, especially south africa adore it!

perfect and fabulous job and deep thanks is what i received and the drink: spot on, as always!

very pleased indeed and more to come, as i have been invited to host unruly media summer party for the third time... to be continued...

many thanks to deirdra, radu, evgenia and ed for the invitation and hospitality.

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