Monday, 8 August 2011

in the hair salon

two weeks ago, a good friend organised a pop up dinner/ performance event in an emporium deli cafe in london's ambivalent, but attractive and socially busy dalston.

dandy and i went, but a small accident allowed us some time away, before the sitting begun.

so, this is how i got to be introduced to this beautiful, stunningly DIY hair salon a few doors up the same road.

as i walked in, to meet my friend's ex colleague, i smelled it and saw it: pop up bar, i exclaimed and we all agreed in happy anticipation!

an informal chat that afternoon, became an official meeting and a week and a half after, the event was set to take place four days later!  i always love the challenge and the pressure and within twenty four hours after confirmation, i had secured the musician, devised the two cocktails, one of them eponymous and published the events on facebook and twitter for my guests and members to see.

doug had spotted it and was already working on the menu before my brief, so the excitement again kicked in, as well as the preparations for the night. saturday 6 august.

the hair salon is called blue tit and it promises a visit/ cut/ experience of a different kind. superb. there is passion, imagination and a positive energy in this space and the boys, who own it, know their stuff.

so, i devised blue tit, a variarion of a daiquiri with a splash of blue curacao, which turned sea green with a dark rum and lagoon blue with white! i used appleton white rum. delicious and very popular!

for the gin drinkers and my personal favourite to play with, i varied the daiquiri with a generous splash of ginger liqueur and no gomme, so the combination of the bitterness of maraschino and the spicy tartness of ginger worked wonders with the brutal gin! 

vodka martinis, old fashioned and treacles were wonderfully welcomed and consumed and i surprised some new folk with bourbon sours, because they so curious, of why i had eggs on the bar!

we had live music, by my monthly resident meg cavanaugh, who added to the warm and positive vibe and charlie chaplin's black and white silents were playing at the back, in the beautiful conservatory garden carpeted with old pages of newspapers sourced on ebay and decorated with chesterfield sofas and sexy orchids...

we had a fantastic time. blue tit (perry and andi) and i combined forces and ideas and our own crowd, which supported, turned up and participated... and thoroughly enjoyed, so we were told!

more soon, as this is ongoing...

blue tit.
7 stoke newington road
london n16 8bh
open for all 7 days a week from 10am till 9pm

flyers/ menus designed by doug haywood

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