Wednesday, 7 October 2015

london cocktail week 2015 (LCW)

monday 5 october - sunday 11 october 2015

monday begun with a ferocious, yet cleansing rain and also the london cocktail week, in the old spitalfields market, in london's east side. 

there are 275 cherry picked bars from thousands, to represent what is currently happening in the city's cocktail scene. 

bars, pop ups, masterclasses, parties, this hub of liquor will entice and challenge you, educate and inspire you and will get you drunk! naturally!

from north to south, west and east, there are bars for all tastes and persuasions. with spitalfields and soho, the LCW HQ. 

i enjoy these events, despite, my intense and brutal filtering and critique, so that i can keep up on the pulse of what is going on, meet new people and my buddies, try some liquor and just hang out in documenting and participating fun. 

get a wristband and visit the bars, who can make you their LCW cocktail for a fiver and get down to the village for some sampling and camaraderie. 

46 and mercy, bar termini, ghost vodka and an argentinian arepas, take my vote. 


boutique bar show 2015

tuesday 22 september 2015

another year, another dollar and here we are in another boutique bar show, in a different venue, intimate, carpeted and in the style of a living room, somewhere in islington, london. 
networking, trying out new spirits and documenting it all, my highlight being, meeting new people or seeing my buddies again, for a tipple, a hug and a catch up. 

lanique liqueur, which i use in my rose martinis
mr. black, an excellent coffee liqueur, thick and black, from sydney
suzie's excellent hibiscus gin
pococello lemon elixir, full of freshness
BTW homemade tonic water, without the bullshit
sipsmith damson vodka and summer cup
meeting a master alchemist from manchester, who is a woman and has written a book
somoma rye from ELLC with a drop of yuzu bitters
gin from sunderland
hazelnut vodka from poland
coconut liqueur from london
and ford's martini with an orange peel, made from an expert and poured from a bartender's friendly sexy bottle...

till the next year... cheers!

the 30th birthday party

saturday 19 september 2015

brick lane, london on a saturday night: sticky, messy and busy... and i was tucked away behind it, at the cooperage building, in a small, but full of character mezzanine room, called the espero space, for kuchenga's 30th birthday party. 

the brief included shortbus, which is a wonderful film, written and directed by john cameron mitchell, of the hedwig and the angry inch fame. 

i went and got the film and watched it, hungrily and loved it and to my surprise, i wept towards the end, as the feelings escalate and vivian justin bond's chanson breaks my heart. 

i decided to create three cocktails, sexy and delicious, colourful and very alcoholic and made with aphrodisiac herbs, fruits and spices, to entice the senses and to go with the brief loosely. 

w/ rum, citrus fruits, watermelon, pineapple, pomegranates, ginger, chillies and vanilla pods. Garnished with edible flowers and glitter.

w/ gin, passion fruit juices, passion fruit liqueur and prosecco. Garnished with a blueberry.


w/ rose vodka, rose syrup and lemon juice. Garnished with a rose petal.

needless to say, the drinks went down really well, everyone was happy and tipsy and drunk and i was really glad, to have made people satisfied, mission accomplished, as i realised that i was back at the pop up game and it suited me fine. 

new business to come out after this? all to be revealed in due time. 


many thanks 
to sarah and kuchenga, for giving me the job,
to anka, for being a great bartender, 
isabel and thomas, for helping on the floor
and kel, for the space. 
and yes, i tolerated the paper cups. romantic and practical. 

happy birthday kuchenga and have a great year. x